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EDO Radici Felici Srl was born in the light of the new needs of consumers aimed at eco-sustainable production models and in accordance with the ever-growing demands for food and environmental safety of products, which designs and manufactures innovative and sustainable soilless plants with aeroponics technology, for the cultivation of vegetable species.


In line with the "Strategy research and innovation for the Smart Specialization in Tuscany" EDO started its testing activities and technical evaluation of its production system by installing a prototype at the research unit (UR) of Floriculture and Fruit and Vegetables Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental Sciences (DiSAAA-a) in the University of Pisa.

In 2018 he built the first commercial-scale pilot plant at the Parvus Flos farm in Radicondoli (SI) for the production of aromatic herbs.

Today EDO develops several aeroponics cultivation techniques : CANALETTES , VASES and the innovative patented AIRFLOATING system .

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