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Right from the beginning, EDO focused to social commitment, by adhering, among other things, the Piedmont CDO, sharing its basic ethics aimed at promoting "a market concept and rules capable of understanding and respecting the person in all its appearance".

@bilcoltura project

With this project, EDO aim at give space, in agriculture, to the varied world of disability.

With Compagnia Demetra of Milan, we aim to make the activity of disabled people in agriculture economically, commercially and socially sustainable through the creation of aeroponics, soilless plants for the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Disabled people are the fulcrum of the whole project and their companies support each other without the need for public or private contributions.

Zero Centimeters Project

With this project, EDO gives the opportunity to create areas for growing healthy products close to structures such as school canteens, homeless shelters and old-age homes.

CAR@bility project

With the support of BSG Srl, BUYERS CLUB Srl, GUIDOSIMPLEX Srl and the ANGLAT National Association, EDO will contribute to the coordination of the planting of a tree for each new, non-ecological car sold to disabled people.

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